Accessibility and Inclusion

Screech Arts offer a unique range of workshops which spark imagination, foster a culture of confidence and encourage participants to express themselves in a safe yet playful space. 

It’s all about creating an accessible environment for performers of all ages, and all abilities, to participate at their own pace. 

We understand everyone learns and plays in different ways and our experienced facilitators tailor their teaching style to suit the needs of each individual. Our volunteers provide additional support with one-on-one coaching for students that may need a little help to participate in an activity.

We are passionate about supporting every creative spirit to realise their potential. We incorporate a range of tools and devices in our workshops and performances, ensuring each performer has their ideas heard, and has a chance to share centrestage. Using communication books, ipads and body movement, all of our performers interact in a meaningful way.

We believe that when you strip away misconceptions, you can truly unleash your talents. 

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