Meet our Team

Screech Arts is delivered and supported by a committed team of facilitators and volunteers.

With a shared passion for empowering others to unleash their creative spirit, the Screech Arts team are both teachers and friends. They are always looking for ways to enhance our program offering and ensure our programs are fully accessible.

Martina Cross | Screech Arts State Wide Coordinator and Facilitator

Martina’s passion for the performing arts flourished when she joined Screech Arts as a support worker.

Watching Screech Arts’ participants grow and develop throughout the program is one of Martina’s favourite moments in the job. For Martina, the staff, volunteers and creative participants are at the heart of Screech Arts’ success.

Martina brings performing arts passion and expertise with her Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theatre. You’ll find Martina in a variety of performance roles – from directing to script writing. Her personal favourite is front of stage where the magic happens.

Sandy Paterson | Screech Arts South Queensland Coordinator

Sandy is a passionate singer who has brought her love of performance and all things creative to the Screech Arts community. Leading our Brisbane South performance group over the past six years, Sandy has a positive and passionate approach to teaching, singing, dancing and acting.

Her passion is helping Screech artists build their confidence on and off the stage.

A psychologist by trade, Sandy has extensive experience and a strong drive and passion for working with children and young adults to support them to achieve the goals they set themselves, and realise their potential.

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