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Sue Stanton, Parent

Thanks to Screech Arts, Scott Stanton has used his communication device in public for the very first time. Scott’s mum, Sue, said she can’t believe the difference in his confidence, mood and maturity since he joined Screech Arts.

“Being in a group where other performers are using communication devices has shown Scott that he can do it too. Scott is now more in charge of what he wants to do, and wants to express, and that just wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Screech Arts.”

Sue Fortunaso, Parent

How long has Matty been with Screech Arts?
Since 2014.

Why does Matty like Screech Arts?
He comes because there’s not many activities that kids with a dual diagnosis can really do. He doesn’t like team sports, we tried that. He’s uncoordinated at many things. Anything he can do at his own pace and be accepted for that is exactly what he wanted – and it was really hard to find!

What do you think he’s learnt at Screech Arts?
Be a part of group and encourage other kids (which he didn’t know how to do before), work within boundaries and as a team but doing something he loves, better coordination skills and gross motor skills like. Also how to make friends and to feel happy.

What do you think Matty’s goals are?
He wants to get a job, a girlfriend and work in a childcare centre. Screech Arts definitely provides him with some of the skills which will help him, like following rules, dedication and practicing – sometimes things go wrong and sometimes things have to change, it’s all a part of life.

What’s your favourite Screech Arts moments?
When he was Zazu with Melina and they were singing ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ when he called all the other animals in on cue a little too early. It’s all over YouTube!

What would you say to others?
Let your kids have a go, because you’ll know pretty quickly if they like it or not as it doesn’t require a really big transition. If you’ve got a child with social anxiety or autism a lot of things need to transition before you can tell if they like it.

Anything else?
Thanks to the Screech Arts guys, the staff and volunteers… It’s just incredible the amount of effort they put in to help the kid reach their best.

Jessica Wilson, Student

How long have you been with with Screech Arts?
Since 2014.

Why do you like Screech Arts?
It’s just a fun way to spend Friday nights. It’s a safe and caring environment and it doesn’t matter if you stuff up, just own it.

What have you learnt at Screech Arts?
I learnt a lot but the most important was to be confident on stage and then learning to control facial expressions in songs.

What are your goals?
Try to be better, take the feedback and try and use it make your next song better than it was.

Favourite Screech Arts moment?
It was my first day at Screech Arts, everyone was so lovely. At first I sat in the corner and two minutes later and the next thing I was interacting with everyone. I was scared at first, but once I realised there was nothing to be scared about, I was like, you know what, let’s just have a good time. I’m most excited for Moulin Rouge in the next performance, it’s not something you’ll be expecting.

What would you say to others?
Talk to your parents and get them to call Screech Arts! When you come, don’t worry about your fears, don’t let it stop you because you’ll have a great time. Screech Arts is the best, it’s a life changer. You might feel like you have no confidence but you’ll see that you actually do have confidence!

Lisa Alsop, Screech Arts Facilitator

How long have you been with Screech Arts?
Since 2012

Why do you like Screech Arts?
I come to Screech Arts each week and look after choreography and musical direction. Sandy and I write the storyline and choose the songs and look at what’s appropriate for the children and adapt it their needs. I think kids and teens come because they feel a sense of family with us and they enjoy singing and dancing as well. It’s better doing it with your friends than doing it in your room alone with a hairbrush!

What have you learnt at Screech Arts?
I’ve learn a lot form Screech Arts, we’ve seen kids come out of their shell; some used to stand out in the back and now they’re able to be out in the front of hundreds of people which is amazing.

What are your goals?
My goal for Screech Arts is to see it everywhere! For everyone to achieve the sense of family and accomplishment that we have when we rehearse and put on a performance.

Favourite Screech Arts moment?
I have a best moment each term, when their hard work comes to life on the stage and all the effort comes together.

What would you say to others?
Come and try Screech Arts. We are very friendly! Generally, people come and never leave and there’s a reason for that!

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