Blind in the Rabbit Hole:
Stigma Through the Looking Glass

A performance by Screech Arts Actors Ensemble and Dance Troupe

Presented by Screech Arts and Anywhere Theatre Festival, Blind in the Rabbit Hole: stigma through the looking glass is a contemporary heavy physical theatre piece by Screech Arts ‘Actors Ensemble’ and supported by the ‘Dance Troupe’. The performance is based on elements from “Alice in Wonderland” and incorporates artists’ stories and lived experiences of stigma around disability.  

Not wanting to turn a blind eye anymore, “Alice” falls into the rabbit hole with a desire to educate herself on the realities of stigma. Through this experience, Alice hopes to take her learnings back to reality and influence more communication, connection and educate those around her on the unconscious stigma that comes in many forms throughout society.   

Anywhere Theatre Festival is an annual Brisbane-based festival taking performances out of traditional theatre spaces and to…. well, anywhere! Following stand out shows for “In the Box” (2018) and “Charlie” (2019) Screech Arts are back with a raw, real and powerful performance, their – first major performance since COVID began.  

“The artists are so excited to finally get back in front of an audience and be part of a festival as well known as Anywhere Theatre Festival.”

Martina – Program facilitator

Screech Arts ‘Actors Ensemble’ provides participants with opportunities to develop and build their skills around physical theatre, script writing and contemporary theatre. Initiatives such as Anywhere Theatre Festival allow artists to evolve into more experienced performers working in the local creative industry.  

“It provides our artists with professional development opportunities and the experience to sharpen their creative skills” adds Martina. 

 Dale Gonnelli one of the performing artists from the ‘Actors Ensemble’ says that opportunities such as Anywhere Theatre Festival allow for conversations about hard topics to be discussed in spaces that are safe and welcoming.  

“I like this show because we are talking about really hard topics. We discuss things adults should be able to talk openly about.”

Dale Gonelli

Mags Doherty, a performer in both the ‘Actors Ensemble’ and ‘Dance Troupe’ says that this performance has provided the opportunity to create an amazing and powerful performance. 

For me, it’s an opportunity for people to come together and hear stories from different performers. This performance is something that I loved working on as I went out of my comfort zone for these new experiences”.

Mags Doherty


The performance encourages audience members to delve into a metaphorical “Rabbit Hole” of stigma. The artists have come together in collaboration to promote connections, understanding and sharing of their stories. They are using their performance platform to make their voices heard and their stories told encouraging audience members to listen and reflect.  

Actors Ensemble

Main Artists

Dale Gonelli

Danielle Stewart

Dylan Geary

Micheal Doust

Mathew Burr

Matt Taylor-Uhlmann

Miranda Sherman

Mags Doherty

Danielle Carty

Dance Troupe

Supporting Act before and after show
Untitled design (92)

Performers: Danielle Stewart, Michael Doust, Matt Taylor-Uhlmann, Miranda Sherman, Mags Doherty, Danielle Carty