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Blind in the Rabbit Hole: Stigma Through the Looking Glass

Blind in the Rabbit Hole is a contemporary heavy physical theatre piece by Screech Arts using artist stories and lived experiences of stigma. The performance is based around the elements of “Alice in Wonderland”, where the character “Alice” falls into the rabbit hole with a desire to educate herself on the realities of stigma.


Do you ever wonder what people dream about? Raya has always been curious of other peoples dreams so when her friend Max tells her she can dream walk, she jumps at the chance. The experiences they go through together are out of this world.

A promotional graphic with colourful photo frames and pictures of people and pets inside them

Coming Home

Coming Home A performance by Screech Arts – ‘M.A.S.H.E.S.’ and ‘Activate’ theatre groups In this fast-paced world that is ever… Read More »Coming Home