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Pink background with a pattern of laughing mouths, a laptop and a tablet showing Zoom virtual Screech sessions on their screens

Screech Arts is Zooming along!

Screech Arts thrives on a challenge, so when COVID-19 came along and we had to start social distancing, we went virtual!

Group photos of Screech performers lined up on stage

Charlie Review

Charlie is… interactive, beginning as the cast start to look for Charlie. Charlie is the main word spoken during performance, and there is a real sense of a child-like seeking for a friend and a wanting to connect and play.

Screech Artist David is ready to step into the spotlight

From lip-syncing last year to performing in Queensland Musical Theatre’s Annie production this week, 20-year-old David Rodriguez is reaching for the stars with a little help from his performing arts friends.

Charlie is coming to town

It’s that time of year again; Anywhere Festival is returning in May for its ninth year! This year, Screech Arts performers are gearing up to present Charlie, an immersive world where play is celebrated and encouraged.

Screech Theatre group

The Box review

In The Box, the artists created and performed a moving contemporary physical theatre piece, challenging perceptions of people living with disability.