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Embrace your creative spirit at Screech Arts

Embrace your creative spirit at Screech Arts

Mags is a dedicated Screech artist that has been attending her local Screech for over four years.

“I love the environment and inclusivity of Screech, it’s a safe space to dance and be myself. As soon as I walk in the room, everyone is positive, everyone is happy and we all work as a team,” she said.

“When I first joined Screech I was feeling nervous and unsure. But when I got there the atmosphere was incredible. The team are so nice and lovely, everyone was so welcoming, and I said to myself that I really like it here.

“Since being a part of Screech, my confidence has grown, I have learnt heaps of new dance moves, how to be up on a professional stage, public speak and perform in front of big crowds,” Mags said.

At Screech Arts you’ll discover, grow and unleash your creative spirit through drama, acting, dance, film, music, production, scriptwriting, set design and more! All workshops are developed by experienced facilitators and volunteers to ensure everyone is supported and able to develop at their own pace.

There are 10 Screech Art programs running across Queensland, that are open to both teenagers and adults. Screech Arts welcomes people of all abilities and people at different levels of performing arts experience.

We caught up with Martina from Screech Arts to find out what makes Screech Arts different.

“Out in the world, there are preconceived ideas about what people with disabilities can achieve and at Screech Arts, we strip these away. We support our students to realise they can achieve the goals they set themselves through the creative and performing arts.”

“Uniqueness and individuality are our thing, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe that everyone who joins us is an artist in their own right and sometimes, all it takes is the right tools to help unlock their creativity.”

At Screech Arts you will unleash your creative spirit, participate in fun activities, build confidence and social skills, and most importantly meet new friends who are just as passionate as you.

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