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A fantastic night all round

Screech Arts performance

Performers from Brisbane south side were met with a sea of applause as they took their final curtain call following their end of year performance, ‘Almost Anything Goes’.

The showcase, which was held on Saturday (2 December) at the Manly West State School, saw 25 students from the Screech Arts performance group put on an exciting ensemble of dance, theatre and song.

Wowing audiences, performers incorporated comedy, drama, festive spirit and a touch of sass into the show, which compelled spectators to get out of their seats and dance during the final number.

CPL Screech Arts Coordinator and organiser Sandy Paterson said:

“It was a fantastic evening and really well attended by the local community – they all got really involved with the performance and even joined in with dancing at the end.

“All of the performers loved every minute of being on stage and can’t wait for the next show. I had a number of parents come up to me afterwards to tell me how impressed they were with how much more professional and advanced the performers had got since the last show. It really highlighted how far they had come and what they had learnt at Screech – it was well worth all the hard work they put in!”

After the show we also caught up with 13-year-old performer Haley Rickards, along with her mum, Jo, who was in the audience.

Haley said: “I enjoyed the show a lot. It was great fun to perform in front of a live audience.”  

Jo added: “We all really enjoyed the night. Haley had her grandparents and a school friend in the audience and they are all keen to come back for the next show.”

Do you see yourself in the spotlight? If you want to be involved in the action and showcase your talents, please get in touch with Screech Arts on 1800 275 753 to find out where your nearest performance group is, or visit us online at https://screecharts.org.au/contact.