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Introducing…. Renee!

Renee Spry

How long have you been working with Screech Arts? One and a half years. I had been working for CPL as a disability support worker and ran drama workshops for kids and teens in schools. I heard about Screech Arts and was keen to try something new and fun with my adult clients.

What do you enjoy about Screech Arts? I am always learning something new from the creative process, our group really enjoyed working with large masks and developing superhero characters. We have done some interesting Process Drama, based on the stories and fables of Rumi and the adventures of Maui the Demi God.

At the start of a session I enjoy connecting with the performers and watching them connect with each other through games. It has been a pleasure to watch them explore different characters, try new roles, and work together. We have had two wonderful volunteers and all the support workers who bravely and energetically throw themselves into engaging in the imaginary world.

What is your favourite Screech performance, and why? We only have a small group, so we love to split in two and perform for each other. We have been exploring the story of the Elephant Eaters and devising our own endings. The groups really brought the story to life for the audience through interesting use of space and movement.

What’s your favourite activity that you do at Screech Arts? Improvisation with music. Our performers create great work and often surprise me when they take on a new role, the unexpected occurs! We have been working on paying attention to what others are doing in the improvisation and accepting offers.

Do you have a nickname? SPRY

What makes you laugh the most? People with funny laughs

Are you a clean or messy person? Messy.

Do you have a quote that means something to you? Imagination is greater than detail – Albert Einstein.

What’s your favourite song to play in the morning to get you ready for the day? I try to sit quietly in the morning before my mind has fully woken up. This helps me remember my dreams.

Do you have a pet? Yes, Coco is our dog who hates birds and dances for her dinner; and Winter is our cat, the loud purrer and neighbourhood rat catcher.

What’s your favourite pizza topping? Mushroom and chilli

What else do you like to do when you are not at Screech Arts? I enjoy pottery, reading books and bush walking. I love activities that connect our imaginations with the world around us – the Material Activity is a perfect example. I love to challenge myself to come up with a new idea every time!

Renee is the Screech Arts facilitator in Maroochydore.

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