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Brisbane Drama & Theatre Groups for Adults

Screech Performing Arts Workshop

Unleash your creative spirit, boost self-confidence and express yourself at our fun and inclusive performing arts workshops! Our unique programs are designed to empower people of all abilities. The program runs across four nine-week terms, and will incorporate a range of music, drama, stage production techniques and so much more!

Where: CPL’s Capalaba service,  21 Degen Road, Capalaba 
When: Tuesdays 4:00PM to 6:00PM / 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Cost: Click here for more information on associated fees

Active8 Workshop
Aspiring actors and film-makers are invited to participate in this weekly practical workshop where participants explore film making, character development, devising, storytelling and communication tactics. Thought provoking and innovative performances are a regular feature at Active8 workshops, with participants sharing personal stories, feelings and revealing their inner passions and desires.

Where: Ashgrove West Uniting Church, 491 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove QLD
When: Thursdays from 10:00AM to 12NOON

M.A.S.H.E.S Workshop
The performing arts are at the heart of this interactive workshop, with participants growing and developing their understanding of the basic elements of drama, song, poetry, movement, dance, communication and self-expression. The workshop offers a relaxing and safe environment for participants to develop their skills and culminates in a small, a relaxed and intimate performance for family and friends.

Where: Ashgrove West Uniting Church, 491 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove QLD
When: Fridays from 10:00AM to 12NOON

Screech Dance Troupe
With a love for dance and choreography, this dance troupe is committed to strengthening their dance, rhythm and musical ability. With a requirement for a basic understanding of dance, the troupe offers participants an opportunity to build their knowledge and skills of popular and contemporary dance styles.

Where: CPL Geebung, 354 Bilsen Rd, Geebung QLD
When: Saturdays 3:00PM to 4:00PM

Screech Ensemble 
This intensive workshop is host to a group of skilled and experienced drama students that have been honing their skills for several years. Participants are focused and committed to their actor training and look to build their skills around character building, physical theatre, devising, script writing and contemporary theatre. The group works towards a major end of year performance and/or film project which is open to the public.

Where: CPL Geebung, 354 Bilsen Rd, Geebung QLD
When: Saturdays 12:30PM to 2:30PM

Screech Musical Theatre Performance
This fun-filled, all ages theatre group provides students with an opportunity to hone their singing, dancing and acting skills. This group is particularly suited to those interested in building confidence. The group works towards two end of term performances per year.

Where: CPL Moorooka, 1 & 2/14 Mayfield Rd, Moorooka QLD 4105
When: Tuesdays and/or Fridays from 6:00PM to 8:00PM

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