School Programs

Bring the magic of performing arts to your school, and see your student’s shine!

School-based Screech Arts programs offer students a familiar environment in which they can feel safe and comfortable to explore their creative spirit.

Our team of facilitators deliver a tailored program specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each school and their students. Whether they are looking to hone their performance and presentation skills, or strengthen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, Screech Arts has something for every student.

We offer Screech arts at schools in three formats:

In-School Workshops

We provide a Screech Arts Facilitator or Drama Technician who is experienced in working with people with varying needs and behaviours and work alongside your support staff during school hours. We offer two personalised half hour workshops or a full hour workshop with flexible options available. 

OSH Workshops

We can complement your already established after school program, teaching your students creative communication, improvisation techniques and how to work with each other in a team environment.

After School Programs

Let us design a Screech Arts program for your students. There’s no cost to your school, you simply provide the venue and we will do the rest! Screech Arts is supported by CPL’s experienced staff with a passion for performing arts, so you know your students are in very passionate and capable hands.

We are currently helping over 100 participants across Queensland reach their goals! All programs are fully accessible and suitable for students of all abilities. To bring Screech Arts to your school, please call 1800 275 753 or email