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Screech Artist David is ready to step into the spotlight

From lip-syncing last year to performing in Queensland Musical Theatre’s Annie production this week, 20-year-old David Rodriguez is reaching for the stars with a little help from his performing arts friends.

After joining Screech Arts performing arts school in Moorooka two years ago as a way to build his confidence, David is now a volunteer showing other students the ropes.

David said he has always loved to sing, but he never thought he would get the opportunity to sing for other people one day.

“When I was little I used to sing to my soft toys in my bedroom. I’d play music in the background and I even had my desk lamp shining on me as a spotlight!” David said.

“But I was very shy growing up. When I first started workshops at Screech I would lip sync to the songs. I didn’t want to fully let myself go and maybe embarrass myself.

“The day came when I had to sing ‘A whole new world’ from Aladdin, and I just did it. I think for the first time the group realised I could actually sing. They completely accepted me, and then I felt brave enough to come out of my shell.

“When Lisa, our Screech Director, asked if I’d like to audition for Annie, I said oh my god this is the Queensland Musical Theatre… this is big! I knew if I got this it was going to be a big step forward in my life.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the part in Screech. It’s going to be my first singing role in a real musical – I can’t wait!”

David will perform in five shows of Annie and has been rehearsing with the Queensland Musical Theatre since the beginning of the year.