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Screech Arts is Zooming along!

Pink background with a pattern of laughing mouths, a laptop and a tablet showing Zoom virtual Screech sessions on their screens

Here at Screech Arts we pride ourselves on thinking up new and innovative ways to unleash the creative spirit in all of our performers. We thrive on a challenge, so when the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of the CPL services, community centres and schools we work from, we knew we had to pioneer a new way forward. 

And so we twisted and turned and wriggled and giggled and Zoomed our way into a new way of delivering our programs. We went virtual!

Screenshot of a Zoom video call, with lots of participant screens showing people smiling and performing

And it is so much fun! Our performers have really embraced the move to online workshops to continue their artistic development, giving it all their energy. We really have had a blast!

Taking Screech Arts online has meant that our actors, dancers and singers can continue to build their skills and stay connected with their friends, all in the safety and comfort of their own home.

So what have we been up to?

We’ve seen pesky pirates (ahoy!), chipper couch potatoes (yum yum), dapper dancers (tap tap tapping) and more. Some groups continue to work on their end of year productions, while others explore fun theatre games.

Screech Arts will continue to host online programs for the rest of Term 2. We are continuing to monitor the Queensland Health recommendations and will be in touch with more information about Term 3 (13 July) workshops as soon as possible.

What we can promise, is that we will continue to develop imaginative programs based on our performer’s goals, and as always, have lots of fun doing it!

To find out more about joining an online Screech Arts program, contact us today.