Unapologetically You

We are very excited to announce that Screech Arts have been added to the program for Undercover Artist Festival 2021!

In our first public performance since COVID lockdowns – Actors Ensemble, Screech and Squawk, Dance Troupe – have come together to create, Unapologetically You. In a recent world of fear, isolation and uncertainty, what better time than now to offer a performance promoting connection through stories. It’s all part of the journey in becoming Unapologetically You.

This performance explores the idea that connection and communication is the key in building a community, where we all feel comfortable to truly be ourselves.

So often in society we can feel pressured to conform to a certain mould, idea or way of being. Unapologetically You asks the questions “why” and “what if”. The piece investigates these ideas, while remaining fully aware that we don’t necessarily have the answers.  

Join Screech Arts in sharing and connecting through relatable true stories of overcoming challenges, sadness, loss, strength and hope.

Show Info

Tickets: $25
(+$5.00 transaction fee)

Venue: Bille Brown Theatre
Queensland Theatre
78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Date: Saturday 18 September
Time: 10:00AM – 11:00AM


Actors Ensemble
Dale Gonelli, Danielle Stewart, Micheal Doust, Dylan Geary, Miranda Sherman, Matt Taylor, Matthew Burr, Mags Doherty, Danielle Carty.

Screech and Squawk
Nathan Jennings, Tessa Maguire, Jai Whitelaw, Emily Merchant, Lochlainn Wylie, Courtney Proud.

Dance Troupe
Miranda Sherman, Danielle Stewart, Micheal Doust, Jasmin Cox, Kaitlyn Smith, Chris (Jun) Zhang, Matt Taylor, Mags Doherty, Danielle Carty, Aidan Chauncy.

Supporting staff: Niala Lewis, Sarah McGill, Danielle Brew, Nicholas Wyatt, Jim Ford, Chloe Harvey, Chloe Shoobridge.

Volunteers: Wendy Chauncy, Krystle Lee, Helen Cheng, Vinh Ly.

Program Facilitator / Director: Martina Cross