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Renee Spry

Introducing…. Renee!

How long have you been working with Screech Arts? One and a half years. I had been working for CPL as a disability support worker and ran drama workshops for kids and teens in schools. I heard about Screech Arts and was keen to try… Read More »Introducing…. Renee!

Niala lewis dancing

Meet the Team…Niala Lewis!

How long have you been working with Screech Arts? I have been working with Screech Arts in Ashgrove since March 2018. I was introduced to Screech by a friend I met studying my theatre degree, she thought working with Screech Arts would really suit me.… Read More »Meet the Team…Niala Lewis!

Sarah McGill smiling in front of a colourful background.

Meet the Team… Sarah McGill!

How long have you been working with Screech Arts? I started volunteering with Screech Arts in 2018 and became a Screech Arts technician at CPL’s Moorooka service in 2019. How did you get involved? I found out about Screech Arts through my university. Screech Arts… Read More »Meet the Team… Sarah McGill!

Julie in character for Charlie. Wearing a red clown nose and holding a soft toy up to her face.

It’s a Boy!

Some of our Screech Arts regulars may have noticed the absence of our wonderful facilitator Julie Stewart. She’s currently on maternity leave and we’re very excited to announce the arrival of our newest Screech Arts member – a baby boy named Basil! Julie has been… Read More »It’s a Boy!

Pink background with a pattern of laughing mouths, a laptop and a tablet showing Zoom virtual Screech sessions on their screens

Screech Arts is Zooming along!

Screech Arts thrives on a challenge, so when COVID-19 came along and we had to start social distancing, we went virtual!